My workshops, retreats and classes reflect my experience of creativity as a door into our internal worlds and are designed to offer support in accessing creative capacities, both in art and in life. Using art-making, colour, music, movement, writing, silence and reflection a space is created to express and surprise yourself, no matter whether you’ve had previous experiences in any of the mediums or not.

Here are some examples of past workshops:

MANDALA – THE SACRED CIRCLE (residential retreat)

The Mandala is a powerful symbol of life and a tool for spiritual awakening that we find all over the world. Using a variety of creative activities and drawing on different cultures including Native American and Eastern traditions, we will tap into a direct experience of the mandala and its personal and spiritual effect.


BEGINNINGS AND ENDINGS                  (residential retreat)

The turn of the year invites us to look at what has been, what we want to let go of and what to take forward into the new year as well as what the new year brings to us. We will use activities such as making art, creative writing, movement, guided meditation and silence to facilitate this process.


MY REALITY IS ELSEWHERE –                          WORKING WITH MARC CHAGALL  (workshop)

The painter Marc Chagall is known for his poetic, sometimes very personal images and his soulful use of colour. On this workshop we will take inspiration from his art and life to access our own world of imagery and make art that comes directly from the soul.



Colour is an essential part of life, not just for the artist. We are surrounded by colour, affected by colour and we choose colour to express ourselves in the clothes we wear or how we decorate our home. Colour inspires, it moves, and it can show us what we need. Enjoy and explore the colours of your life through art-activities, meditation, gentle movement and venturing into the outdoors.